Mortgage Purchase Campaign:

We are internally generating leads for $9.89 with Social Ads. This campaign will crush on email for any homeowner or first time homebuyer looking to get a loan.  We match them directly with a local lender to help them get pre-qualified in 24 hours or less.

Credit over 620 - We do Soft Pull with just phone, address and name.
Looking to move in less than 6 months.
They are currently employed.
Have at least 3.5% down payment.
Valid / Verified Phone Number
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Cash Out Refinance

We are working with 10+ top tier lenders who we direct traffic to based on address.  This offer can be uncapped after trial period.  This offer will be paid net 10 every Monday for the previous week Mon-Sunday earnings.

The long form is through Quicken. The short form is an internal offer that converts 2 to 3X (depending on traffic source) higher than the Quicken Offer with as little as 5 fields.

$150,000 Loan Amount up to 80% LTV (Original Mortgage Amount + Cash Available up to 80% LTV Conventional / 100% LTV for VA)
Must Have Reported Income
Must want to access cash
No Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Loan Modifications in last 5 years
No rate parameters if cash out.
640+ Credit Score
We accept Text, Social, PPC, Native and Email
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*Our data driven IVR can pre-qualify prospects with as little as 3 questions.